Shady Oak Creations
Andy Anderson

Shady Oak Creations offers a selection of landscaping plants, houseplants and handmade furnishings. Born from a love of gardening, creativity, and repurposing, Shady Oaks Creations hopes to provide you with an ample selection of items “to make your home a better place”.

The Nursery: The current inventory is over 300 plants either potted or in the ground, and it's expanding each year to accommodate new selections. Potting soil is made from compost and peat, with other matter added to enhance drainage. Organic fertilizers and pesticides are used for the most part, as some situations may call for the "hard stuff". All plants are propagated and raised at my residence in Greenbrier County. Several methods of propagation are used including seeds, cuttings, layering, and division. The nursery, although small, is registered with the WV Department of Agriculture. This helps to ensure the quality of the product.

Woodworking and crafts: A modest shop provides the tools for woodworking and crafts. Many items are created from scrap and repurposed material.

The Goal: Making your home a better place.

Advice to all: Take advantage of your opportunities!


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