Mountain Sugar and Spice
Zack and Linda Comeaux

Zack and Linda Comeaux are Valley residents since 2001. Retiring from the Osteopathic School in 2013, Zack joined the Farmer’s Market as one way of contributing to the community local fresh food effort.

A beekeeper in his 20’s and 30’s, Zack resumed beekeeping in 2012. The sound of working bees are motivational as one spends a spring day in the garden. Additionally, they pollinate vegetables and fruits to enhance productivity. Beekeeping, as many pursuits, is an increasing challenge but well-tended, a hive can yield 100 pounds plus of liquid gold in a season. Here he introduces a granddaughter to the craft.

Comeaux’s maple production is a small scale, wood-fire, modified old style open-pan method. Sap flows intermittently from January to April, varying by the year through a tap hole. The process does not permanently harm the trees as the tap hole spontaneously heals, ending the season. Each tree varies but yields about a quart of syrup in a season. Fifty quarts of sap yield one quart of finished syrup – lots of boiling, woodcutting, hauling, and tending, hence the price. But besides delightful sweetness and flavor, maple syrup is rich in minerals. But mostly, it’s about the purity and taste.

Occasionally produce appears on Comeaux’s market table. This represents surplus from their extended home garden. Zack and Linda prefer to use local, home produced good in the kitchen and at the dining table, long subscribing to the intent of Farmers’ Market. Cooking essentially means cooking from scratch and knowing your ingredients. The garden has been a continuous effort since college days -  a long time.

With a degree in osteopathic medicine, Dr.Comeaux is an author and international medical educator. Some of his technical works regarding health care and wellness, as well as socially relevant action-romance novels, are on his Farmers’ Market table representing “home-grown” ideas.

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